Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shouldn't you be nursing LESS than when you were 6 months old?

(Written 9/24...stupid scheduled post not working)

I've spent a lot of time with Baby Girl this week because our sitter was on vacation.  I could go on and on about how special this time has been--it has been. 

But I want this post to be about the strange thing she's been doing.  Now that she's got an effective way of asking for milk (meaning that she doesn't just pull at the neck of my shirt and whine...most of the time...), she's started asking for it more often.  Before this past week, I figured we were on our way to weaning, so I resolved to just give her milk when she asks for it...which has backfired on me!  We were nursing after she woke from naps and then before bedtime (so 4 times during the day and once overnight), but she's now asking before each nap as well, which means we're now nursing 6 times during the day and once overnight! 

Of course I could say no, but as long as she isn't getting frustrated by my not having a ton of milk when she eats, I don't have a reason to refuse her.  If we were out and about, she wouldn't ask--it's only when we're sitting around the house.  And if I were busy, she probably wouldn't ask, either.  So I'm relishing it...but just confused!  Shouldn't she *not* be wanting it as much now?

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