Wednesday, June 29, 2011

23 Months

In just one short month I'll be posting about my baby turning TWO.  Insane.

I've wanted to devote an entire post to the things Baby Girl is saying.  Let me just say that she's talking.  A lot.  She's forming sentences (minus "the", "a", "an"), asking questions (usually minus "what" and "where", such as "Daddy doing?"), using contractions, using pronouns (not necessarily successfully, of course...), singing, counting to 15, and repeating everything that comes out of our mouths...which could be dangerous.

The singing is the best thing, if you ask me.  She can sing all of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves Me.  She also sings a good chunk of quite a few other songs.  I love her sweet little voice singing with me.  We finally got a recording of her singing Carmen Ohio with me--so sweet!

Baby Girl officially has 13 teeth.  She has the eight front teeth, top and bottom, her first set of molars, and cut her bottom right eye tooth awhile ago.  No real signs of any other eye teeth yet, though.  She is drooling and chewing still, though, so I'm guessing the bottom left one will cut through sooner than later.  I check for it every night when we brush her teeth.

She's wearing size 2T or 24 months in many clothes now, but many pants are still falling off of her and some capris are too long.  If we had more shorts and capris in 18M, we'd have her wear those.  She must have a longer torso, though, because 18M shirts are too short.

We're still struggling mightily with bedtime.  I can't bring myself to shorten our bedtime routine, as I really cherish that time we get together.  I love reading books with her, praying with her, and singing with her.  She's still crying when I leave, but isn't crying as much when we have a later (not going upstairs until 8:00) bedtime.  I honestly think she's tired before then, but if it cuts down on the crying and she's waking up okay on weekdays, I'm okay with a later bedtime, I suppose.  It does give us time to do more things, like go paint pottery, cook dinner, and still get to have bathtime, like we did last night.  Maybe my kid will stop being dirty all the time now :)

I can't even begin to express what a sweet kid Baby Girl is.  She's quick with a hug and a kiss.  She now has an imagination and loves to play with her baby dolls, diapering them, feeding them, and putting them to bed.  She typically eats like a champ, although her favorite foods are any fruit (besides melon) and anything she can dip in some sort of sauce.  She is drinking a lot more milk than she used to (some days 3 sippy cups full, which is A LOT for her).

Baby Girl is still working on potty training.  She'll go whenever we ask (and typically has some pee to put in the potty), but tells us she has to pee as she's doing it.  We'll get her to the potty (typically after running there) and she'll have a warm diaper.  We'll still let her try, but we explain to her that she already peed.  She's really proud of herself when she does it, though, which we love.  And she's also finally peeing at the sitter's house.  Previously she'd just try and then want down immediately.  She's even trying to poop there.  Woo!

Her favorite phrase is "birdie eat it".  We've created a monster.  When we were eating dinner outside regularly, if she'd drop something, we'd tell her a birdie would eat it because she'd worry about it through the rest of the meal otherwise.  Now she's telling us that birdies are going to eat everything she drops, inside, in the car, outside...everywhere.  And now she's throwing things down specifically FOR the birdies.  We're going to have some fat birdies around our house!

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Cassie said...

The birdie thing is ADORABLE. And I just can't get over how smart she is and how advanced she is for her age. She sounds like the most amazing little girl ever! :)