Monday, June 20, 2011

Tooth #13

I'd meant to post this earlier.  Baby Girl is starting to cut her eye teeth now.  From what I understand, they're pretty painful and while she's handling it really well, she does seem to be bothered a little bit.  Saturday, June 11th we were able to confirm that her lower right eye tooth has broken through.  The spots for the others haven't even started to swell, but we know that doesn't necessarily mean anything (some teeth gave us no warning and just cut through without any swelling).

Once she's done with these, all she'll have left for awhile (I think) are her two-year molars.  Never thought my kid would be behind the curve on getting her teeth--my orthodontist told me I was the youngest patient he'd had with wisdom teeth.  (and no, before you think it, I am absolutely NOT worried about her teeth!)

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