Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Potty Training Update

Potty training is still going on.  We're at the point where Baby Girl is peeing on the potty at least once a day.  This past weekend it was 4 times on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.  She hasn't really been asking to go, but will typically try when we ask her.  If she says no, we drop it.

When she does go, though, we have a reward system (that we aren't great about adhering to, but it still works).  We give a sticker for trying and money for putting pee in the potty.  She typically gets five pennies for peeing, which she then gets to count out and put into her piggy bank.  If we're around my parents, they'll give her some bigger money (my dad recently gave her a $5 bill!) for going potty, too. 

Our sitter says that next week when she's down to four kids on her busiest days (Tuesday through Thursday--Monday she'll have three and Friday just two) she's going to focus more on working on potty training with Baby Girl.  She says she thinks she can have it done in three days.  More power to her :)  If it doesn't happen, though, I won't be horribly upset--it is still really early.

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