Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi! Again.

Last year when we took our vacation (Baby Girl was just over a year old), Baby Girl's favorite word was "hi!"  She'd say it to everyone we passed.

She's doing it again.  And she's relentless.  Even if they say hi back, she keeps saying it over and over again.  It's nice because I used to say "can you say hi?" and she'd wave a little wave.  Now she yells "HI!!"

It's pretty cute, but sort of embarrassing sometimes, like when she's screaming at some delivery men while we take a walk.


Cassie said...

The boys do that, too -- especially at the grocery store. People are usually pretty friendly about it, but sometimes I do feel vaguely embarrassed by their gregariousness. It's awfully cute, though, as I'm sure it is when Baby Girl does it. :)

brandis of HEARTdot™ said...

haha! cute! millie does that too, but she sticks her hand in your face when saying hi. then its funny because she and carson will go back and forth saying hi to each other - for like an hour! you need another baby allison ;) just sayin'

hugs! happy weekend to you!