Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mother's Day

(Another stupid post that didn't publish when scheduled...)

A choppy rendition of my Mother's Day (I'm guessing when I first wrote it I'd intended to just write all the events out, then edit, then publish...which obviously didn't happen)

Got to sleep in.

As I was getting up, heard the garage door go up and The Hubby and Baby Girl brought me a yogurt parfait and half a hash brown (or the whole thing if I'd wanted it) from McD's.  I was given a card and told that they were going to do the laundry and grocery shopping for me.  The laundry wasn't that far from being done, so that part made me laugh.

The weather was looking nice, so we packed up and headed to the zoo.

Drove up there and found there was an event for Mother's Day with some freebies.  The zoo was busier than it had been when we'd gone before, but not horrible (we got there less than a half hour after open and normally go during the week). 

Saw elephants (twice), all sorts of monkey, kangaroos (with Baby Girl hopping like them down the path and asking each of them to hop for her), lorakeets, koala, and some people dressed as animals.  She was willing to blow them kisses, but not give high fives and definitely not hugs.  We rode the carousel twice--the first time she was the only one riding.  We had to convince her that the playground was too big for her. She got out of the stroller for awhile and walked and did pretty well staying close to us.  We had a hot dog (she ate a whole one and The Hubby and I split one) before we left.  The Hubby read to her in the backseat so she wouldn't fall asleep.
Got home and had a little fussing before naptime (NO NAP!!!), but I got her put down a little after 1:30 and then The Hubby and I had leftovers from the night before (Montgomery Inn ribs and Saratoga Chips).  We sat and watched silly TV and just relaxed, thinking this nap would be short like all the others for the last few weeks.  Instead, she slept until 3:55.  Well over a 2 hour nap--guess she needed it!  We went outside and played on the new (to us) swingset--The Hubby pushed her in the swing for at least a half hour while we listened to Pandora on his iPhone.  Baby Girl started singing Jesse's Girl along with us and I even got her making some of the noises from Bad Romance.  Adorable!  We packed up the car for a "picnic" and went to Sonic.  We parked near some grass so Baby Girl could get out and run.  She devoured her corn dog (first one ever) and some of her apples while sitting in the big chair in the middle row.  She loves sitting there and throws a bit of a fit whenever we have to put her in her carseat. 

We drove home and had a "treat" of banana cream pudding that I'd made the day prior for Daddy's birthday.  She ate it up and we played for a bit longer before it was bedtime.  She let Daddy take her upstairs to try to potty and put on her pjs.  I thought she was going to finally let him do all of bedtime, so I started making a grocery list, but then heard "mommy" and knew I needed to go put her down.  Not the worst thing in the world :)

I ended up having to do my grocery planning and shopping by myself (although, as I explained to The Hubby, I don't mind the shopping if I'm by's the planning and then juggling a toddler and coupons).  The laundry didn't get done.  But I had the best day I could've imagined, which was something I needed desperately.

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Cassie said...

It sounds like a fantastic day, overall. And I love it that Baby Girl was singing Bad Romance -- Andrew does that too. He loves him some Gaga.